Become an Enrolled Provider with the WI CPCP

The WI CPCP exists to increase primary care clinicians’ capacity to support behavioral health needs of children, adolescents, and families.

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Who We Serve

Are you a primary care physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant wanting to learn more about psychiatric diagnoses and treatment for your pediatric population?

Are you the clinic manager of a busy practice, looking for free mental and behavioral health management support for your clinic providers?

If so, you are eligible for the WI CPCP. If you’re interested in becoming an enrolled provider in the WI CPCP, please fill out the interest inquiry.

The WI CPCP has been a wonderful resource for me as a primary care provider. The ability to have direct access to psychiatrists has helped me to treat and give resources to children I normally wouldn't have been able to help. The program helps to reassure me that my treatment decisions are appropriate and it guides me when complex patients walk in the door that I normally would be uncomfortable treating on my own. Without the program, I would have many patients who would not have access to proper mental health treatment. It is truly a great program!

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